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Does those large corporate documents and layouts take up most of the storage spaces on your office hard drives and available archives? You have repeatedly tried to free some space and organized vast amounts of data on microfilms but retrieving data from them during the crucial hours of need has become quite pricey and insecure?

We at Document Scanning Inc understand all your concerns and offer affordable and highly effective microfilm scanning solutions to help you optimize your available archives and retrieve data from the microfilms rolls most conveniently and comfortably.

Moreover, as much as you try to store and handle the microfilm most skillfully, it is difficult to avoid the environmental hazards that can cause potential damage to the film roll which can further lead to permanent loss of essential data.

Thus, to save your relevant information from getting misplaced or lost, it is worthwhile to create an accurate digital backup file from your microfilm and store them in better and secured electronic archives. Not only this but our high tech security system ensures safe and protected handling of your valuable media films until the original copies are returned to you.

We Scan:

  • Corporate bank documents, financial statements, bank statements etc
  • Microfilmed newsletters, magazines, books, training manuals, etc
  • Microfiche archival documents as medical reports, government reports etc
  • Architectural and Engineering drawings and layouts in Microfilm and Microfiche rolls
  • Aperture Cards
Scanning Sources



Aperture Cards


Depending on the type of microfilm, we analyze and design a customized scanning package that covers the client’s precise requirements, the estimated budget and the overall execution and delivery time.
The Microfilm scanners with sharp sensors scan the film rolls and capture the image in an enhanced resolution and better readability features.
The raw image from the scanner is then converted through specially programmed software to the desired file type, such as JPEG or TIFF with best suitable compression to save data storage and utilize the available space on the archive.
The resultant archive files are then delivered in your desired format whether its PDF, JPEG or TIFF. The final data are stored in a portable USB or CD, or directly FTP transferred or emailed to the client.

Depending on the size and type of microfilm media, we provide the best suitable microfilm scanning services for our clients.

In case of severely damaged films due to inadequate exposure or extremely faded ones, we use specialized high-quality technically advanced scanners to retrieve information from the media with particular image enhancement function and store the image into secured digital archive folders which provide lifelong access and easy readability.

We work with total honesty and dedication to serve our clients with the best microfilm scanning services. Working for both single and bulk orders, we are helping our clients diligently over the years.

Our team of expert technicians is acutely trained and knowledgeable to handle and retrieve data from the most distorted and damaged documents and films that others might take to be an impossible task. We use different equipment for microfilm, microfiche and aperture card, which helps us to scan and work on multiple projects at the same time.

Document Scanning Inc:

Established in Rajkot, Gujarat since 2006, we have been providing high-quality and exclusive microfilm scanning services globally. Running successfully for more than a decade, we take immense pride in expanding our services from document scanning to data retrieval and maintenance process.

Centering our services on customer requirement and fulfillment, we offer customized and comprehensive document scanning solutions to digitize your essential data for easy maintenance and quick retrieval from our extremely secured digitized archives anytime in your life.

Our Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Global Availability
  • Professional and Secured
  • Timely Delivered

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We help safeguard crucial data on microfilms from damage, mishandling and getting lost and give it a better

storage and revival option over the years.

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