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Role of CAD Drafting in Residential Construction and Architects

Drawing and designing is a vital part of the construction or architectural industry. Building your ideas perfectly into designed models isn’t a child’s play. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge and detailing to get the right measurement and error-free design.

To avoid making mistakes in their models and get the job done in minimal timespan, architects and construction business have shifted from their traditional method of paper drawings to CAD drafting services.

Various scanning service companies offer efficient CAD drafting services which has revolutionized the way the construction business worked at some point of time. 3D visualizations and simulations have improved the way architects communicated their ideas to the world.

3D models are not only convenient to understand but displays a clone of the original construction which makes it easy to find errors and rectify them much before the actual job has started.

CAD or Computer Aided Architectural Design introduces an array of specialized programs to help architects to design proficiently yet with less hassle. The top 3D programs that architects find most useful nowadays are:

1. AutoCAD
2. AutoDesk Revit
3. SketchUp
4. vRay
5. InDesign

Preferred by all construction engineers and architects, AutoCAD or CAD drafting services actually benefits the construction industry in numerous ways. Let us check into some primary ones:

● Unmatched Precision:

Technical drawings require high accuracy and precision. One tiny mistake in the measurements can lead to massive trouble in the future. Traditional hand-made drawings were developed by skilled professionals but just like any other task, its human nature to make mistakes.

Scanning service companies employ technicians who are prompt in using the CAD drafting tools and AutoCAD software that delivers high-quality and flawless drawings faster and with better precision.

● Documentation Made Easy:

CAD design drafts are saved in editable digital formats. As a result, it gives numerous opportunities to incorporate changes in the documents any moment of time.

Furthermore, since the files are digital in nature, they can be easily accessed by multiple departments and teams simultaneously which helps more cooperative and efficient functioning of your organization.

Even in case of a sudden legal or client compliance, one can instantly make the necessary changes on the draft, upload and present it, without having to wait for hours or even days.

● Unlimited Modifications and Storage:

Making alterations in a manual drawing means erasing and drawing repeatedly or making a completely new draft with the new modifications. However, getting back to the original document isn’t quite an option with these paper designs after they have been changed.

CAD drafting services allow auto save mode which automatically backups the modifications made on the original drawings in the folder. Moreover, the software is also designed to save each modified file separately. So, how many times you modify a design, you can always get access to the earlier versions and original document anytime.

CAD enabled designs are digital in nature. Thus, they have a timeless storage life. This helps to retain the genuineness of architectural and construction frameworks for infinite years and generations which is not at all possible with paper crafts as they become fragile with time.

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