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As your business progresses every day, there are lots of new data that needs to be added, edited or replaced in the existing documents. Manually re-typing or editing a scanned cursive, handwritten or typed data becomes quite a stressful and time-consuming task. And even after all the hassle; the document might not be bright enough to display the relevant data accurately, thus leading to erroneous reports.

We at Document Scanning Inc offer extensive Optical Character Recognition, OCR scanning services, that convert data in a scanned document into an editable format, thereby improving accuracy in modifications and better productivity.

With high-tech OCR software, various types of pictorial and textual data can be read, analyzed and stored in an organized electronic format. With a large team of technically sound professionals, we deliver the best back office solutions where data is added and edited daily.

We use high-end software products that effortlessly distinguish between page layouts, symbols, languages and font styles and accordingly convert the document to retain its originality intact. Working for several years in this field we have served numerous clients to streamline and maintain their back office management documents with optimized accuracy and quick conversion techniques.


Depending on the type and complexity of the document, our team of experts consults and analyze to design a customized package that covers the optimal budget for the project, the execution time and the electronic media format.
Once the package has been reviewed and approved by the client, our professional software team use the OCR software to capture the data from the original documents and convert them into searchable format data.
Once the data is captured, our team personally cross-checks the digital data with the original copy to ensure an error-free conversion. If they find any mistakes in the converted document, they take the responsibility and rectify the misinterpreted data on their own. Thus, relieving the client of the burden of checking and correcting errors.

We have extended our services to international clients as well. So if you wish to avail our quality services, you can easily outsource OCR services from anywhere in the World. All our services come in extremely affordable packages which are also equally valid for our overseas clients as well. Working for both projects in bulk and single ones, we provide a comprehensive business solution to reduce paper cost management, private access, and easy updating of crucial business information correctly and quickly.

Whether it’s your bank accounts details that need to be updated or any medical information that should be kept private, we understand that each business has its necessary security and confidentiality. Thus, it is essential that the data updated on the files are correct and genuine.

We assure complete security and no unauthorized access while the OCR scanning process goes on to avoid any tampering of the data files. OCR scanning has further made the digitization process a prime necessity for every business organization to facilitate a smooth workflow and improve productivity over time.

Document Scanning Inc:

Founded in 2006, in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, Document Scanning Inc has been providing specific scanning service to digitize your physical papers into electronic files. Helping clients in paper cost management, we have delivered efficiency and dedication in scanning, maintenance, retrieval and updating of crucial information.

Secured and affordable we work in a customer-centric environment where the customer’s requirement is the sole and primary goal for us to reach successfully. With many renowned clients in India and abroad, we are expanding our business with efficient OCR services for expert modification and updating of scanned files.

Our Benefits:

  • Save Time and Money
  • In-Time Delivery
  • Secured Services
  • Global Availability

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Save your precious time and money. Give us a call for your upcoming document scanning projects. Our mobile number is +91 9825307190 or you can email us at info@documentscanning.co.in.

Forget the hassle of manual typing. Our OCR services converts scanned data into its editable format for easy modification and upgraded storage.

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