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Are you looking for a reliable document scanning company that provides efficient OMR services at affordable prices? Document Scanning Inc, offers high-quality OMR scanning services to help you capture marked data from documents such as evaluation papers, questionnaires, surveys, multiple choice answer sheets and many more.

With the increasing need to simplify evaluation of test papers or surveys in bulk, OMR scanning has become a real necessity. We have specialized and high-tech OMR scanners that read data by the help of power optical beams running across the papers which are handled by our skilled team of professionals with acute accuracy and dedication.

Effectively providing scanning solution for years now, our scanning results are error-free, fast and extremely economical.

OMR sheet printing is an essential process in OMR scanning. Printing OMR sheets are crucial as one mistake, and no OMR scanner or OMR software would be able to read the data clearly, leading to an erroneous digitized data.

Thus, our dedicated team of experts handles the complete OMR sheet processing solution themselves to ensure the OMR sheets are correctly printed, scanned, read and the data is securely stored in digitized archives for future use.

Having worked in this industry for many years, we have offered our OMR solutions for educational institutes, pre-examination and post-examination data processing for entrance exams, answer sheet designing and printing for competitive exams, recruitment exams, survey sheets, assessments, lotteries and voting results.


Our team of consultants analyses the type, size, and complexity of the project along with a detailed account of the client’s requirement. Once the project has been analyzed, our team produces a customized package that involves the tentative budget for the completion of the project, the estimated time of deployment and the file format that the final data would be stored.
Once the client approves the given package, they initiate the task of OMR sheet scanning process. With dedicated and high-end technical scanners, the work is done with extreme precision and clear resolution. This process is monitored by an expert technician so that each sheet is correctly printed and read, to avoid misinterpretation and erroneous data scanning and storage.
Once the OMR scanning process is completed correctly, the final data is stored in an archived file in the format as desired by the client. This archive could be later used to edit, update and retrieve data anytime in the future.

The final data is delivered to the client by storing them in their portable USB or CD-DVD or directly transferred through a secured FTP server or emailed in the provided email address. We have also expanded our services for global clients.

With cost-effective shipping of the original documents to the client’s premises, you would not be disappointed with our customer handling nature. Our affordable prices and intently dedicated environment are some of the reason clients repeatedly come to us with their job.

Committed to our dealings, we work in an honest and passionate ambiance where our client is treated as a part of our family. Centering our work for complete customer satisfaction, we have always tried to cater to every precise requirement desired by our client. Working for both bulk and single documents, our comprehensive OMR solutions is one of the best scanning solutions in India and abroad.

Document Scanning Inc:

Established in 2006, Document Scanning Inc, is a company in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, that has been working dedicatedly and running successfully both in India and abroad. With over thousands of clients repeatedly hiring us for their projects, we have established our business on sheer honesty, integrity, and passion.

All our employees are passionate to serve their client in the best possible way and offer a comprehensive solution to OMR Sheet Scanning Services. You can now avail our expert services from anywhere in the world and experience the quality and stress-free nature of our work.

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  • Cost-effective
  • International
  • Timely Delivery
  • Customized solutions

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We encourage relaxed evaluation of question papers, questionnaires, surveys and multiple choice question papers with effective OMR services to capture marked data accurately.

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