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How Document Management Solutions Can Help You in Advancing Your OMR solutions?

OMR or optical mark recognition was initially introduced for automatic extraction of data from noticeable fields like check-boxes, fill-in the fields, bubbles and so on from paper forms. The usage of the OMR scanning services to evaluate question papers became an overnight success in educational institutions for its extreme convenience, fast approach and error-free assessment results.

Printed forms are an integral part of every industry nowadays – healthcare, educational, business care and various other organizations. Properly streamlining and managing these printed forms is essential for future reference and smooth functioning of various departments in any organization.

With numerous features and convenient operations, OMR is a highly advantageous tool that solves numerous document management problems within a few moments and initializes advancement in productivity and better customer relations.

OMR solutions can be beneficial with numerous applications:

● Examination Paper/ Test Assessment
● Effective Educational Research
● Quick Customer Feedback
● Membership Subscription, Patient Declaration forms etc.
● Consumer Surveys
● Community Surveys
● Time Sheet/ Inventory Count
● Data Compilation
● Voting/ Lottery

Though OMR scanning services was initially started to streamline the assessment papers in schools, colleges, coaching institutions, training agencies, bank examination centers and data collecting agencies, but now OMR solutions has spread into almost all small and large industries including healthcare, publishing, hotels, IT and many more.

Being a rational part of document management solutions, OMR scanning services can be used to capture multiple choice kinds of data, names, ID numbers, serial numbers and non-multiple choice data alike. Using advanced OMR scanners and readers one can solve a number of problems faced by organizations almost every day.

● Speed:

The primary advantage of OMR solutions is that it is the most swift and consistent way of processing large volumes of data in a simple way. On an average, OMR software can read up to 300 sheets in a minute without any error. Thus, speed is an essential element why companies are choosing OMR solutions to handle their data and documents efficiently.

● Accuracy:

Manual evaluation of massive amounts of data leads to a lot of errors while reading and again while editing or updating. With technically advanced OMR scanners, anyone can get as much as 100 percent accuracy in scanning and reading of OMR sheets.

● Nominal Priced:

Business runs on money. Thus, it is essential to implement a solution that is affordable yet effective. Moreover, to manually process huge bulks of documents consumes a lot of money and time and still you would not be assured to get a 100 percent accuracy. OMR solution is a comprehensive technique to process large amounts of data within half the expenses and making it more user-friendly and quick.

● Flexibility:

OMR scanning services comes with inbuilt software programs, templates, tools and designs that allow easy customization options to meet every type and size of document you wish to process. OMR software can also be integrated or paired with other scanner or printer for optimal results.

OMR solutions is a primary part of every document management system and operates comprehensively to read, scan, evaluate, design and print with its various inbuilt tools and functions.


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