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Web pages have become a basic necessity for every business organization nowadays. We no longer need to wait for information to arrive about a particular topic or company. We directly open up their webpage via an internet browser and view the information we require. That is how easy our life has become.

Thus, sharing information among the masses have become a crucial requisite for every business development. All web contents are created in markup languages like HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML to help in smooth distribution of relevant information about your company, services or products in a particular format oriented basis that could be viewed and browsed through internet web pages.

Useful to the core, these web pages can be read and seen by the audience in a user-friendly and attractive display.

Document Scanning Inc, provides HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML conversion services helps you to create and convert various types of data files into HTML text that could be written and read on the web pages. Though we are established in India, our services are available for clients all over the world.

Thus, if you need better business and more customers to reach you, you can always outsource HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML conversion services to convert your document contents into HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML files.


We provide effective HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML conversion services from various types of input formats:

Hard copy


Scanned Files

Text Files

MS Word



Rich Text Format


Depending on the size and type of content to be created or converted to HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML texts, our team of expert consultants plans a customized service package that contains the specific requirements of the client, the overall budget and the estimated time of delivery.
Once the client has approved the service package, your documents and content files are forwarded to our technical team where the skilled professionals convert or create HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML files manually maintaining every element.
Once all the HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML files are created, the data is stored in a secured archived folder that can be accessed by the client in the future for recovery, update or editing purposes. The digitized files are delivered to the client through a secured FTP transfer or directly emailed at their email address.
We are competent to handle projects in bulk as well as single pages. Whether your site is static or dynamic, we are skilled to handle every type of HTML, XHTML, XML, and SGML conversion process to run the content on your page efficiently.
Working for more than a decade, our technicians are highly skilled and quality conscious which helps us deliver better and accurate results every time. We undertake global projects, so, if you wish to avail our services, you can always outsource SGML services through a direct call to our contact number.

Document Scanning Inc:

Document Scanning Inc is founded on the grounds of honesty and hard work. Headquartered at Rajkot, Gujarat, India, we provide comprehensive HTML, XML, XHTML, and SGML conversion services that help you distribute information efficiently among more and potentially better audience through internet web pages.

Available at easy and affordable prices our services are open for overseas clients as well. Passionate about our job, we work with a team of dedicated professionals who understand and prioritize customer satisfaction and retention with every project they handle. Prioritizing client requirement and fulfilling them precisely, we work in total professionalism with every task we undertake.

Our Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Timely Deployment
  • Global Services
  • High Accuracy

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Make your website do the talking for you with our efficient html-xhtml-xml-sgml conversion services.

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