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Amazon Kindle is one of the best and convenient way to preserve your written scripts or the old and fragile manuscripts you possess.

With massive popularity among avid readers, Kindle has helped many new and talented authors to come into the spotlight over the years. But scanning your handwritten book and converting them individually into the Kindle format might seem to be a seriously tiring and expensive job to do.

We at Document Scanning Inc, have always encouraged talents in our way. We have always tried to help your skills and ability to reach the masses without the burden of huge expenses or poor professional responsibilities. We are an efficient kindle book creator who enables you to scan your typed or handwritten books and convert them into their digitized form to easily store them in digitized archives for better recovery, modification, and quick upgrade.

We offer expert scanning services to convert your physical books and documents into .azw, .prc and .mobi files format which is supported by Amazon Kindle device and Amazon book store.

Our Amazon Kindle conversion services render a customized approach for every individual client and their precise requirement. Affordable and practical, the files stored in our secured archives are always available for easy retrieval and quick upload on the Amazon store to reach your readers and active buyers.

Our Services

We have extended our services to digitize various types and sizes of files. Some of them are as follows:

Scanned files to Kindle Book

MS Word to Kindle

Hard copy to Kindle

Manuscripts to Kindle

PDF to Kindle

e-Pub, HTML, XHTML to Kindle

Text and RTF files to Kindle


Depending on the size, type and condition of the document, books or title, our team of consultants analyze and determine the right approach for Kindle conversion. Whether the input is an electronic source or availing the destructive method, non-destructive method or just regular scanning, the consultant would discuss with the client and design a customized package that would contain a detailed account of the process of digitization, the optimized budget and the time of delivery for the final archived files.
Once the client approves the package, our technician starts the conversion process. In case of a destructive scanning process, the binding of the material is carefully removed before placing the pages on the scanner. In this way, the scanner can quickly identify the corners of the page and scan accurately without missing any relevant data.
Once the conversion process is complete, the digitized files are quality checked for accuracy and error free file. The original material is kept secured under proper monitoring to ensure safety from any potential harm.
The final files are always stored in properly secured archives for easy and quick retrieval in the future. The original document is bound back, if needed, before delivery. The delivered files are either stored in a portable USB, CD/DVD or directly transferred to client’s email or through a secured FTP server.

Along with Indian clients, we have also worked for international clients repeatedly. Delivering quality and dedicated services we have always been able to retain and repeat services for our clients. Renowned for our honesty and integrity we have always ensured complete customer satisfaction with our client-centric approach.

Document Scanning Inc:

Scanning documents since 2006, Document Scanning Inc has immense experience and extensive exposure in the industry. Using technically advanced scanners we have always received a lot of positive appreciation and encouragement from our clients.

Efficient to handle both bulk and single orders, our team of technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and focused on their task. Being one of the best scanning companies in Gujarat and India, we offer Outsource Kindle Conversion Services for you to try our work once. We are confident you would never be disappointed.

Our Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Service
  • Global Exposure
  • Highly Secured
  • Quality Assurance

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We inspire to develop a paperless world where your documents are stored and recovered from a timeless digital safe.

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