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In the current digital world, data is frequently shared among a vast number of audience. So, the process of sharing information needs to be perfect, secure and in a convenient manner. Nowadays no one needs to wait for the mailman to deliver an important document. Documents can be easily viewed and shared through emailed or just viewed and downloaded from an accessible standard server.

PDF or portable document format is the most commonly used electronic file format to share data as this document format is flexible yet not editable.

Thus, when you need to share a file on a server that is only accessible to be viewed, the document needs to be converted from their standard editable formats like MS Word or Excel to PDF extension, which can only be done by a document scanning company. Document Scanning Inc, offers effective PDF conversion services to global clients at affordable prices.

Working with various types and sizes of a project for more than a decade, we are accustomed to working for both bulk and single page conversion projects. Our extensive experience in scanning and file conversion services have helped many industries to streamline and draft their data professionally.

We provide expert pdf e-book creation services that allow readers to read and download professional e-books on their smartphones, tabs, and laptops without any hindrance or mistake in the information.

Our Services

Our efficiency is measured by the type of projects we handle at a time. Our professional team of experts is competent to handle every type of complicated job with ease and effectiveness. Some of our work includes:

MS Word to PDF

MS Excel to PDF

Hard Copy to PDF

Post Scripts to PDF


Scanned files to PDF

Graphics Image files to PDF


Analyzing the type of document to be converted, our consulting team delivers a customized package to the client that includes a detailed account of the step by step process, the overall budget and the delivery time.
Once the client approves of the package, we move forward to work with the conversion process with our technical team. Monitored throughout the process, we work in a secure environment where your valuable documents and files are safe from any misuse or damage.
The PDF files then go through an extensive quality check where the data are compared with the original documents to correct any mistake and fetch an error-free final draft.
The final files are stored in a secured archive and delivered to the client through email or directly transferred through a secured FTP server.

Though our company is based in India, we are proud to offer our scanning and conversion services to clients all around the globe. High quality and acute precision are some of the qualities that we are repeatedly appreciated and approached by our clients. Serving with total honesty and integrity, we ensure every customer requirement is fulfilled precisely by our team of professionals and deployment of the project is done on satisfactory and happy terms.

Document Scanning Inc:

Scanning documents since 2006, Document Scanning Inc, is a renowned document scanning company in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Successfully deploying projects in India and abroad we have worked for many industries like corporate, real estate, design, engineering and many more.

With experience and exposure, we help you convert your journals, layouts, plans, maps, business presentations, product details, statistical reports, surveys, balance sheets, and payrolls into PDF format to help you share them among individual or mass audience. With our comprehensive scanning and conversion services, you can save a lot on your budget, resources and time by outsourcing PDF conversion services to our company.

Our Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • In-time Delivery
  • Global Services
  • Quality Assured

Quick Contact:

Looking for a company to handle all your PDF conversion projects effortlessly? Give us a call at +91 9825307190 or email us at info@documentscanning.co.in.

Enhancing the security of your shared files and information, we are efficient in converting your documents into its non-editable pdf formats.

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