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CAD conversion services

Effective CAD Conversion Services Ensure Cost Savings

If your work involves projects in the industrial sectors like engineering, manufacturing, civil, architecture or structural field, you would be well aware of the trouble you face while storing huge drawings and layouts crafted on a paper for documentation.

Even after using high-grade papers, the drawings do fade out as the papers become more and more fragile with every passing year. These are the documents that are crucial and even after many years, hold the same importance as it had when it was made fresh.

CAD conversion services offered by the document scanning companies efficiently solve the trouble of losing documents by converting your paper drawings into electronic files which can remain in their original and fresh self forever.

Moreover, CAD conversion services help to save a lot of money and time by easing data handling and management. Let us check out some of the benefits offered by the CAD conversion services that will boost your business development faster and without any hassle.

Extremely Secure Data Management:

CAD conversion services scan your large scale multi-dimensional drawings and convert them into digital image files that are stored into highly secured electronic archives. The digital files are transferred to you through a secure FTP server, saved in your portable USB, CD or DVD or emailed at your email address.

All of these storage options maintain high-security data management options and protects your data from any unauthorized mishandling. Not only this, paper documents are more vulnerable to natural disasters like flood, fire, earthquake or storm and can get misplaced, lost or damaged, but digital files are utterly immune to any such calamity.

Reduces Data Storage Space Drastically:

Where do you store the large scale layouts in your office? Large racks, cabinets or rooms? Have you ever wondered how much space they occupy in your office that could be put to use more productively?

Well, digitizing your physical documents, CAD conversion services reduces the storage space to a few bytes on your computer hard disk, a few CDs/ DVD or a USB device. These storage devices can be accommodated in a tiny little drawer leaving the cabinets and rooms to be used more efficiently.

Time Independent Data Recovery:

Physical documents lose their freshness with time, but digital files are unsusceptible to ageing. As a result, the files that are stored in the electronic archives are never damaged or lost, which gives you the best solution to recover lost data over the years. Industrial drawings are essential even for future generations.

CAD conversion services allow time-independent storage that saves all these scanned data in their original and accurate self forever to be accessed by our upcoming generations.

Cost-Effective and Highly Accurate:

Unlike manual drawings, CAD conversion services use highly advanced digital scanners that scan your physical documents in perfect precision and 100 per cent accuracy. So, even if the document is accessed after years, you can get the unaltered information just like the time when it was first drawn.

Moreover, document conversion services come extremely cheap and can be utilized by any company, whether it’s a startup or a large scale enterprise.

Are you looking for permanent storage to save all those multi-dimensional drawings safely for you? Avail CAD conversion services and forget about the documents. They are securely stored for you in a tiny little space in your computer hard disk.


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