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Why Do Law Firms Need to Outsource Their Legal Document Scanning?

The Legal industry deals with hundreds and thousands of paper documents every day. Most of these paperwork are critical and important information that requires to be protected and preserved for future reference and usage. But storing printed or handwritten papers is extremely difficult because as the papers age, the information in the documents gets faded, damaged or even lost. Lack of security is one of the many reasons why the concept of paperless office has come into the picture.

Legal firms are spending extensively on large scale document scanning solutions to digitize their regular and critical documents which gives lawyers and staff the desired flexibility to store, search, and access, retain, modify and preserve information for years.

If we go by the data collected from recent surveys, almost 35% of legal firms have invested in digitizing their current and historical documents while a whooping percentage like 69% of the firms have shifted to electronic documentation by hiring professional scanning services to convert some or all of their documents to digital files.

However, in this article let us dig into some real time advantages of document scanning solutions that many legal firms should consider when outsourcing their scanning needs:

1. Save Time, Money and Space:

Legal notes, case histories, relevant case evidence and many other legal aspects documentation which are mostly handwritten texts that can lead to heaps of paper files and numerous storing space.

Manually searching for a particular data from this huge files section is a tedious and time-consuming task. Moreover, digitizing bulk volumes of papers need advanced scanners which can be quite expensive to purchase.

Outsourcing professional scanning services use special techniques to convert these handwritten papers to image files that can be saved in the cloud and indexed for quick search. Thus, saving a lot of your time, space and money.

2. Ability to Read and Convert Barcode and Handwritten Text:

Document scanning solutions use expert OCR software’s to convert barcode and handwritten texts into optimized and searchable data. Normal scanners or scanning software cannot make handwritten files searchable.

As legal firms have numerous handwritten case related documents, outsourcing document scanning services can help lawyers to search important documents, phrases, case history or related references within no time.

3. Better Accuracy:

Accuracy is crucial in legal documents. Erroneous data can be easily manipulated which can hamper your chances of winning a case. Manual typing can lead to missing crucial evidence or even damaged data. Browsing digitized documents from the cloud gives the documents more security and maintains better accuracy and more precision.

4. Improve Efficiency:

When it comes to in-house digitization, law firms ignore a lot of important things like good quality, document scanning and management software, advanced infrastructure and much more. Another issue with in-house document scanning is clarity and precision of image scanned.

To overcome these problems, it is always better to approach a digital scanning service expert who has profound knowledge to do the job efficiently while you can concentrate on more productive functions.

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