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Photo Scanning: A Convenient and Secure Way to Go Digital

Old photo albums hold an ocean of memories that we love to cherish again and again. Though traditionally printed photos have a unique story of remembrance, maintaining these pictures for years does become an almost impossible task to achieve. Time tatters old photos and after several years all we end up is with faded, fragile and damaged bits of memories to look into.

Professional photo scanning services gathers up these brittle photo albums and transfers them into digitized images that are scanned with improved resolution settings to restore and enhance the quality of old photographs into the ones similar to the originally snapped pictures.

Document scanning services has single handedly made the process of file maintenance a convenient and secure option to store your precious images. Now it’s time to keep your relishing memories secure, fresh and untouched with expert photo scanning solutions. Let us check out some important points that can make your photo digitization experience a memoir for years.

● Scanning Old Albums:

Printed photos were stuck into old albums using sticky adhesives that has a tendency to permanently stick to the surface of the album which can damage the picture if you try to peel them out of the page. So, it is always advisable to use a photo scanner that can scan photos directly from the album.

Carefully removing the thin plastic cover, the album is laid on the scanner straight so it can identify and scan the full picture precisely.

● Take Extra Caution With the Edges:

While placing the album or a photograph on the scanner it is recommended to take care that the photos don’t fall on the edges of the scanner. Most the best photograph scanning service use scanners that don’t scan at the physical edge. To get the perfect image of your photographs keep the edges of the scanner bed empty.

● Recreating the Concept of the Original Picture:

Old photographs are not only embedded with memories but it also holds a lot of emotions while the picture was snapped. Sometimes we can find the date and time of the click has been written on the photo while in other pictures the photographer might have left his signature.

Thus, while digitizing the image, these contexts should also be embedded permanently as the caption of the storage file. Over the years, when you look back again, these tiny little remembrance would add more depth to these beautiful collection of memories.

● Set The Right Scan Resolution:

For very old and fragile photographs it is always better to use a scan resolution of 300 DPI or more. For a clearer capture and prominent precision, higher DPI will bring better and improved scan results than one can imagine.

● Save in the Right Format:

Digital scanning services has helped to save photos in various image formats. Though there are numerous extensions, the best one is always to save your digital photos in the TIFF or JPEG format. With a great enhancement in image quality, these extensions provide easy touch up and modification options for you.

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