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While there is significant buzz about having IT enabled business system and converting physical records into digital form, it is important to understand its benefits. Business process and requirements do vary but general benefits of scanning and digitising is applicable to almost every organisation. Some of them are discussed below.

Better utilisation of office space

On the longer run, physical records stored in archive occupies significant space. If storing physical records at storage provider premise then recurring expenses and time frame involved for the retrieval of data has comparable drawbacks. By scanning and digitising the records, valuable office space can be used for business operations. Data retrieval becomes faster which strengthens efficiency in business operations.

Physical records stored in archives takes time in searching and retrieving data when communicating with clients or suppliers. This cause disturbance in communication cycle. By scanning and digitising physical records, data retrieval becomes faster. This results in smoother and faster communication resulting in professional advantage.

Enhanced productivity of employees

By scanning and digitising physical records, employees don’t have to spend time in searching for any record in archives. Relevant records are easily retrievable and employees can focus on their core responsibilities. This results in enhanced productivity of employees along with better business operations.

Better data security

Physical records stored in archives pause risk of theft and disaster. By scanning and digitising physical records, privileges can be set for secured data access. Additionally, disaster management mechanisms can be set by storing data at multiple sites.

Better data management and life cycle

By scanning and digitising physical records, natural effects e.g. decay can be answered easily. With that frame, data life cycle can be defined and relevant data management practise can be implemented. This results in significant cost savings and better resource utilisation.

Standardisation of data with reference to data formats

Based on current and future requirements, data can be converted to standardised format which allows longer life of data with flexibility to transform data in various forms. Such organisation wide change bring standardisation of business process too resulting in better control on business.

Green practice

Social and environmental responsibilities are indirect parameters that affects business on a very broad scale. Having green practises not only reduces or eliminates expenses on papers but also gives satisfaction of being environment friendly.

Significant cost savings

Considering all the discussed points above, there are significant cost savings. Advantage of scanning and digitising physical records go beyond money count, it allows greater and better resource utilisation and enhance transparency and control on business operations.

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