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Are you trying to save some money and go paperless? But the hefty job of scanning the large documents seems to cost you a lot more? Moreover, additional expenses of correcting the errors in the digital files are further driving you nuts?

Hire our professional scanning services and relieve yourself from every type of stress. Certified and acclaimed, our company has been providing high-quality and affordable document scanning services for more than a decade.

Professionally competent to scan both bulk and single page documents, you can be assured that your valuable assets are in expert hands. We use specialized high digital scanners with improved technology to bring you the best resolution quality for image enhancement which will enable a clear view and easy access.

Our Services

We are proud to extend our services in various fields and industries. Some of our services include:

  • Medical records and files
  • Architectural and Technical drawings
  • Old or new printed photos, paintings, and posters.
  • Archiving data and retrieving them over the years
  • Restoring personal manuscripts, old and fragile books.
  • Scanning survey papers which store vast amounts of data
  • Every type of private and confidential documents.
  • Legal case files
  • Quotations and invoices
  • Technical User Manuals and Reports
  • Training manuals, Questionnaires and Practical procedures

We have spread our services widely in India as well as in the international market. We have started offering extensive outsourcing facilities for our international clients. With special customized services and solutions, we help you attain your desired job perfectly and effortlessly.

Our Process

Our consultants check the scanning document and conduct a thorough analysis of the type of scanning that would be best suitable depending on the size, type, and condition of the document. They also optimize the budget surrounding the whole process starting right from scanning the documents to delivering scanned data, covering every precise requirement from the client.
The scanning process is conducted by expert technicians who are well aware of the value each of your document holds for you. Working in a secured ambiance, we not only ensure your document is never misused but with technically advanced scanners we assure your material is protected from any severe damage.
The scanned files are usually stored in well-maintained archives, so in case you need to retrieve any data from them, we are glad to help you recover them back any time in the future.
The digital files are delivered through email or ftp transfer or copied to a CD or USB in the format that our client opts to choose.

Our specialized digital scanning services come handy in the most cost-effective and specially customized packages. Having served many renowned clients in India and abroad, we assure complete honesty and diligence in our dealings. We always cater to the given timeline and in every means try to maintain the delivery on time.

Though document scanning is our prime business, we also help in the maintenance of day to day data on demand. You can hire our technicians to digitize your everyday proceedings into electronic data files which will never be destroyed or lost.

Easy access and sustainable, these data are stored in folders with us that could be quickly recovered and delivered even after several years.

Document Scanning Inc:

Headquartered in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, we are one of the few scanning services companies here who work with a massive team of elite and experienced professionals and deliver the best comprehensive scanning solutions in the country.

We are licensed and certified and maintain well-reputed business ethics with our clients. Outsourcing benefits to international clients, you can hire us from anywhere in the world to avail our exceptional services.

Our Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective and Easily Accessible
  • Timely Delivery
  • Easy Maintenance Services
  • Work Globally

Quick Contact:

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us at +91 9825307190 and avail our efficient services or you can also email us at for any more information.

Expanding visibility, we help your book reach millions of readers on the digital world forum.

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