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Are you looking for an affordable document scanning company without compromising on the quality? We offer extensive book scanning services for document digitization by converting physical pages, printed books, magazines, and newsletters to various electronic data storage formats such as PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, MS Word or a customized digital format desired by our client.

We use improvised professional scanners that are geared with advanced technology and improved image capturing software that produce consistent and high-quality image by scanning each document perfectly.

Our standardized and high-quality scanners operate systematically with every page and accordingly coordinates with the technology to retain accuracy and prevent any damage to the pages while scanning each document correctly.

In the industry since 2006, our team of experienced professionals are competent in handling both bulk orders and individual tasks and ensures to deliver right in time pertaining on every bit of client requirement precisely and accurately.

We highly prioritize customer satisfaction and thus, work dedicatedly to produce customized document scanning service in both color and grayscale. We can also help in easy maintenance, search and navigation by schematically indexing the documents if our client desires.

We Scan:

Being a highly competent book scanning company in India, we extend our paper scanning services for:

  • School and University Textbooks
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Journals, Diaries and Company Binders
  • Old and Fragile Manuscripts
  • Bound and Unbound Books
  • User Manuals and Log Books
  • Research Papers, Theses and Project files

Our team of expert professionals scan every type and size of paper, books, and documents and store them in a comprehensive electronic data file that requires less storage space, is more secure, methodical and easy to use.

Moreover, cutting down the cost of papers, electronic storage is also the most cost-effective way to restore your valuable documents and fragile books.

Scanning Sources

We have expertise in scanning:






Record Logs

Record Books

That is, we scan and digitise book of any size and type. We deliver resultant scanned data in Portable Document Format (PDF) or client preferred format. Client will have to confirm their copyrights for the source they want scanned.

Our Scanning Procedure

Depending on the size and quality of the book, we scan in either non-destructive scanning or destructive scanning method. We collaborate with our client to understand their particular requirement about the preservation of their material, specific deadlines and the budget. Then we design the best suitable customized book scanning solutions for you.
Expert hands operate our scanners, and they ensure the machine doesn’t heavily damage any of your belongings. For image enhancement, we sometimes need to disband the document or file before placing it on the scanner, but we make sure to bind it back while returning them back to you, if required.
If the client desires we provide effective structural indexing from the beginning to the end which helps to search and navigate through the document in a simple and quick manner.

We deliver through Direct File Transfer method (VPN) or External Storage device (hard disk, USB sticks, etc), whichever suits you best. We ensure you get your project delivered on time without any error and in the right storage format.

Security and Privacy:

We work in a secured office area and implement proper security measures to safeguard your documents from being damaged or misused.

All our staffs are certified and adequately background checked, so you need not to worry about the security of the processed data file.

Document Scanning Inc:

Established and operating from Gujarat, India, we provide comprehensive document scanning solution to convert your paper documents into customized high resolution and user-friendly digital files adhering to your choice of processing options in color, grayscale or black and white.

Our Special Benefits:

  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Special Customized Services
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Completely Private and Secured

Quick Contact:

Looking for a scanning company to scan your books in affordable prices. Try our services. Call us at +91 9825307190 or email us at

Easing accessibility and rendering better flexibility, book scanning keeps your important documents new forever.

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