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Are you tired of spending long hours finding a trustworthy document scanning service provider, only to be burdened with hidden expenses, heaps of mistakes and poor customer service? We offer high-quality document scanning solutions, available in special customized packages and affordable prices.

Our team of expert professionals understands that every person has a different requirement. So, they attend to each of our clients separately and designs a customized scanning solution to cover every aspect of your need precisely and diligently.

Being known in the industry as one of the expert document scanning company in India, we proficiently convert every type and size of the document into an electronic file format such as Microsoft Word, PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG or in a particular extension format as our client desires.

Our Services

We are continuously expanding our services from scanning documents to file management and data capture services. We deliver:

  • Scanning documents, books, medical files, magazines, personal manuscripts, etc
  • Document imaging solutions by converting printed photos and paintings into digital files
  • Paper and cost management solutions
  • Effective and secure document shredding solutions
  • Easy storage and retrieval of data anytime in future
  • Personal and professional data capture and storage

Whether the work is in bulk or a single page, our highly competent and modernized digital scanners and efficient team of professionals work together to deliver you error-free scanned files in their perfect resolution, right delivery format and precisely within the known stipulated time.

Scanning Sources

Scanning sources may includes but not limited to:

Customer Communication

Delivery Notes

Human Resource Files

Legal Case Files

Medical Files

Planning Documents

Purchase Invoices



Sales Invoices

Survey Reports

Technical Manuals

Training Documents

Workshop Procedures

That is, we scan documents of any size and type. We deliver resultant scanned data in image format or if coupled with Document Scanning’s data conversion services, then in client preferred file format.

Execution Process

Starting by understanding our client’s precise requirement and analyzing the type, size, and complexity of the scanning document, we advise the preferred budget and time of delivery for the resultant digital file.
Working with an experienced team, we handle a proper and careful execution of the scanning process and ensure your document bears the least possible destruction during the scan. In extreme cases when the document is old and fragile, our staff ensures to recover the data in the best suitable resolution and accuracy as much as possible without bringing any potential harm to your document.
The scanned files are stored in digitized archives and delivered to you in the right chosen format. The digital files are stored in a completely secured environment, and no unauthorized access is allowed which might mishandle or misuse your data.
We deliver your digital files in CD, DVD or USB devices or transfer them directly to your email or conduct ftp transfer as desired.

Being in the document digitization services for years now, we have always prioritized customer satisfaction above everything else and thus, always keep ourselves upgraded and furnished with every modern update available in the industry.

Apart from charging exceptionally reasonable rates for our services, we take care to extend every possible helping hand to secure, maintain and revive your valuable documents through our improvised personal document scanning services. Moreover, our services are no longer restricted within the country. We have extended our services for international clients as well.

Our exclusive document imaging services use high-resolution scanners that capture the images in high definition and better image quality for convenient viewing and easy access. Our competent staff takes proper care to ensure the files are scanned correctly through every inch, so you need not spend again and again to correct them.

Document Scanning Inc:

Headquartered in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, we are one of the few scanning services companies here who work with a massive team of elite and experienced professionals and deliver the best comprehensive scanning solutions in the country.

We are licensed and certified and maintain well-reputed business ethics with our clients. Outsourcing benefits to international clients, you can hire us from anywhere in the world to avail our exceptional services.

Our Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective and Easily Accessible
  • Timely Delivery
  • Easy Maintenance Services
  • Work Globally

Quick Contact:

If you wish to avail our scanning services you can always contact on +91 9825307190 or email us at We are always happy to help you.

We inspire to develop a paperless world where your documents are stored and recovered from a timeless digital safe.

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