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Millions of drawings, plans and maps are clustering your office desks, drawers, and closets? And you have no idea where to store the thousands of more drawing sheets being produced daily? Here we offer you the most feasible solution to all these additional storage space you need every day.

We provide specialized drawing scanning solutions to digitize your paper-based drawings into electronic files and store them in custom digital archives for quick and easy access with better data recovery options anytime over the years.

Moreover, paper drawings wear out with time and lose its strength and newness, which makes it time-consuming and difficult to handle fragile documents that can even cost you to miss several essential data with passing years.

Thus, saving your money and office cabinets from getting over-clustered with documents, these electronic archived folders use extremely less space and help you avoid any additional expenses for paper maintenance and data recovery in the future.

Our Expertise:

We extend our expert scanning services for:

  • Construction and Architectural Drawings
  • Hand Drawings, Sketches, and Paintings
  • Every size and type of Maps
  • Site Drawings, Road Layouts, Block Plans, etc
  • Engineering and Aerospace Drawings

Proficient in handling both bulk and single page orders, we have expanded our drawing scanning services from local customers to national clients and currently taking up tasks from overseas clients as well. We use high quality, digital scanners that are capable of converting drawings into color or mono-electronic files.

Not only this, our team of experienced professionals prioritizes the efforts you put into every curve you draw and assures to handle the original document with utmost care throughout the scanning process.

Scanning Sources

We have expertise in scanning:

Hand Drawings





We scan in black & white, grey scale or colour. We deliver resultant scanned data in client’s preferred format.

Scanning Process

Our first and foremost priority is client satisfaction and to ensure each of your requirement is met precisely, our consultants’ analyze and design a unique and customized service package for each of our client that covers their need entirely. Depending on the size, shape, and type of document to be scanned, we provide the most optimized budget, the desired format of the final digitized files and the preferred time of delivery.
Professionally qualified and experienced, we understand the importance of your valuable documents. Thus, we use an upgraded and specialized scanner that digitizes documents without damaging the original copy. Moreover, as long as your drawings remain with us, we assure to protect them from any potential harm, theft or misuse.
The drawings are scanned through improvised scanners and stored into multiple versions of files. Thus, you can avail any desired format in the final delivery copy and also extract and access data from our archives whenever you wish, without any boundary of time.

Dedicated and honest to our responsibilities, we have always adhered to our given delivery time so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting for the result. We deliver the digital files in either commonly used formats such as PDF, JPEG, Tiff or any other form that works best for you and your company. The output files are either stored in USB or CD or directly FTP transferred or emailed to you.

We are a licensed company based in India and our services follow the best industry standards and regulations. Working with many industrial clients, we provide safe and legally certified solutions so that you don’t have to fall prey to any legal compliance in the future.

Furthermore, all our staffs are properly background checked and monitored continuously to ensure complete safety and security of your data.

Document Scanning Inc:

Being an elite drawing scanning company, we establish our business on the foundations of high-quality service, information security, and innovations that change the outlook of industry all over the world.

Headquartered in Gujarat, India, we provide comprehensive scanning services to restore and enable your paper drawings to be condensed into digitized files to save storage and render easy retrieval of data anywhere, anytime.

Our Benefits:

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Safe and Secured
  • Customized Solutions
  • In-Time Delivery

Quick Contact:

Do you have still any queries about our services? Give us a call at +91 9825307190 or you can email us at info@documentscanning.co.in. We reply almost immediately.

Retaining the freshness of every industrial drawings, we ease storage and recovery from ever-lasting digital archives.

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