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At Document Scanning, we are committed to security and confidentiality of client’s information and data. Security and confidentiality is vital in every way and we ensure it at every stage. We practise –

  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement binding all the employees.
  • Nothing is allowed to take in or out of work area.
  • Separate, secure areas for servers and data storage allowing only authorised and logged access.
  • Strict time bound authorised access to work area and work stations.
  • All data provided by the client in any form will be kept strictly confidential and it will be client’s property.
  • Secure document shredding facility.
  • Non-Disclosure of client information and data to any third party.
  • Neither Document Scanning Inc. nor its employees will reproduce or transfer data in unauthorised way.
  • All the data in raw, processed or intermediate form will be the property of the client.
  • After completion of project all the data in any form will be stored in safe custody till specific retention period, delivered back to client or destroyed as per client request.

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