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“SKIRT” And you will “BED” Off A baby Child

“SKIRT” And you will “BED” Off A baby Child

“BARREL Instead of A bottom. “

The article examines all types of icons employed in the marriage ceremony: spoken cues (terms), a number of measures, records of letters, objects-signs (sieve, hen, eggs, apple) and you will signs off pure factors (flames, water). Many terms and conditions that mean a non-virgin fiance in the Bulgarian relationship, enjoys a sense of moral reasoning. The other band of conditions works closely with new Christian symbolism and you may cult out-of pet. On cause of most of the analysed signs you can find one or two oppositions: one is colour resistance (purple and you may gold just like the icons out of virginity, as well as their absence or black colored while the messages from low-virginity), and also the other you’re the whole/non-whole resistance.

The fresh new paper try centered on Balkan Slavic folk philosophy associated with this new bodily areas of a baby baby: membrane layer related they within the mother’s womb (“skirt”, “veil”, “hat”) and placenta (“bed”, “place”, an such like.). This article is actually accompanied by a map regarding names regarding physical pieces under consideration when you look at the Balkan Slavic city. The analysis shows that inside Balkan Slavic countries the newest uncommon childbearing that have membrane layer is one of an indication of supernatural otherwise demonic features of the child that’s considered an effective dragon otherwise a witch. Some one accept it can do injury to most other children or cows. At the same time, instance unusual persons are perhaps not susceptable to issues regarding the war; because they’re lucky. About Bulgarian and you can Macedonian places placenta is regarded as a beneficial section of mother’s looks, also a double of baby by itself, and lots of wonders steps with placenta may be very harmful each other having mommy along with her little one. Therefore, in the interests of its protection it ought to be tucked otherwise destroyed, such as for example, by cutting it. In the Eastern Serbia kissbrides.com fördelaktig webbplats and you may Western Bulgaria many magic tips which have placenta are performed for the purpose of developing a father or mother childless from inside the upcoming, or even to impregnate almost every other lady. Inside Serbian countries the brand new “bed” is among part of the fresh new baby’s muscles and several ritual actions are executed to create a child brilliant, very, amusing, etc.

New Theme Of the Bottom As part of The newest PARODIC Password

Exactly what all of the about three types of Russian somatic texts chatted about in this papers have commonly is that for the reason for parody they: – desecrate the sacral pattern away from discourse (Lubok and you will folly literary works), – decanonise brand new canonised trend regarding discourse (futurist poetry) and you will – deconstruct the regular, totalitarian trend from commentary (postmodern messages on sort of Sorokin). Because the thereby brand new sublime is always debased, the new semantic axiological oppositions sacred/profane, top/lower than, mythical/removed of your mythical aura, canonised/decanonised, serious/absurd, heroic/stripped of your own courageous mood, beautiful/ugly-massive, harmonious-ideal/disharmonious, peaceful/unlawful and you may mindful/unconscious getting clearly designated, that should be recognised because a beneficial metapoetic approach and you can actualised from the a suitable recipent. As the has been proven, the brand new motif Right back/Lower than, about the beds base, try of great benefits in this processes.

Certain Areas of The brand new Symbolism Of one’s WOLF’S Lips During the SERBIAN Lifestyle And you may Thinking

This article works with new wolf’s lips and its own parts because the bearers of the majority of the latest ambivalent definitions and mediating features off the wolf on emblematic worldview due to the fact reflected when you look at the Serbian folks culture and you can thinking connected with the new wolf. The newest destructive aspect of the wolf’s mouth area is obvious in lot of calendary bans along with calendary and you can periodic routine-symbolic steps done up against their passion. In working with such bans and tips, the writer features some of the most typical issues within object-actional and you can spoken requirements while offering a from inside the-breadth translation of its symbolism; attention is actually based on items and you will procedures related to fabric functions and the weaving cycle. Into the individuals medication and you will apotropaeic secret, the brand new destructive aspect of the wolf’s mouth area are symbolically became up to and you may utilized up against demonic pushes and you will illness; here, the fresh new destructive factor are combined with the wolf’s standard organization which have health. The author up coming continues to explain the fresh active facet of this new wolf’s mouth area as the exemplified in the wonders operate from move people from the wolf’s mouth in the context of delivery ritual and newborn worry. Inside the this the guy means that this new active symbolism of your wolf’s mouth area try associated with the feminine reproductive organs and you may relevant which have female plus male potency; confirmations for it commitment are located, as well as others, on symbolization out of objects and you may actions regarding brand new weaving period, when you look at the marriage rituals and also in men and women records about lips and you may vagina and you can motions by way of actual orifices. This way the latest wolf’s lips, and therefore functions as a transformer out of emblematic characteristics, from inside the an exemplary fashion signifies the latest wolf’s ambivalent symbolism and you may mediating qualities, since the wolf appears no more than very important transitory minutes for the the human being lives stage (beginning – wedding – death) that’s relevant generally with border episodes and you may states. Eventually the writer what to particular factors and this imply a connection within wolf’s mouth and the timber/ hill as the an important locus into the Slavic story book geography.


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