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Every business requires thousands of crucial information daily which are usually recorded on physical papers. Piling up the documents in physical files can lead to hundreds and thousands of clutter on your desk and cabinets. Searching a piece of relevant information from these bulks of material is not only stressful but incredibly time-consuming.

Moreover, physical papers wear and tear off with time. As a result, these fragile papers gets obsolete which again leads to loss of crucial information. We at Document Scanning Inc, offer extensive bulk document scanning service to retain your valuable data by digitizing in secured archives which could be used anytime in future to recover the lost data on papers.

With high-tech scanners and a well talented technical team, we provide explicit bulk document scanning, data capture, and maintenance at easy and affordable prices. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and retention, we have expanded our services from national companies to global clients.

Working in various fields, we have served clients from medical, engineering, commercial companies, banks, the publishing industry, law firms, architectural companies and many more. Providing special indexing services, we have also helped many companies to organize and streamline their bulky information through logical indexing.

Our flexible bulk document conversion services are one of the most availed services in the past decade. Flexible to convert various file formats and capture data from scanned files, physical papers, and multimedia, we have established our stand in the document scanning market solely based on extreme hard work and honesty.


Effortless and timeless retrieval of information from digital archives.
Saves office space, money and time while searching relevant information.
Highly secured files that protect data from misuse or any potential damage against flood, fire, and theft.
Maintaining a steady workflow in your company which improves efficiency and productivity.

Flexible to the core, our services are not bound to shape, size or type of your document. Undertaking volumes of projects, our technicians are skilled to handle every type and size of complexity with particular ease and expertise.

Working with clients around the globe, we have always designed special customized and affordable packages which help to understand your precise requirement and fulfill each of them accurately. Maintaining proper professional behavior at work, our team pertains to the delivery time allocated which keeps your business active and running all around the year.

Document Scanning Inc:

Established in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, Document Scanning Inc, is a scanning and conversion company that helps you digitize every relevant information into secured digital archives that are easy to store, edit, retrieve and share.

Available for overseas clients as well, you can Outsource bulk document scanning service from anywhere in the world. Equally affordable and efficient for outsourcing project, we always ensure you get the best possible scanning solutions from us.

Based on the grounds of honesty and dedication, we are passionately handling every project however easy or complicated it might be. If you are looking for a document scanning company to channelize your bulk loads off the table, call or email us. We are always happy to help you.

Our Benefits:

  • Outsourcing Facility
  • Customized Services
  • Cost-Effective
  • High-Quality and Security

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Heaps of documents clutter your desk every day? Organize your office with Document scanning Inc. Call us at +91 9825307190 or email us at info@documentscanning.co.in

Leave the stressful task of scanning bulks of documents everyday. Our expert team handles bulk document scanning effortlessly and with perfect accuracy.

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